P2 Gives Subagents a Path to Wireless Pot of Gold

STAMFORD, CT – June 24, 2019 – P2 Business Solutions, which serves diversified business partners with innovative services that bring exclusive value to the channel, is kicking off a unique incentive program for its subagent partners that will reward them at never-before-seen percentage levels for selling wireless services from MetTel.
The “Pot of Gold” promotion is a first-of-its kind incentive that will run through the end of the year, offering subagents the ability to earn a Master’s Bonus of up to 75 percent of one month’s monthly recurring charges (MRC) for sales of MetTel’s enterprise wireless services.

“What we’re doing is absolutely unheard of among master agents,” said Bill Patchett, CEO, P2 Business Services. “We’re allowing subagents to make money – great money – selling wireless. These are solutions that are perfect for enterprises, including large, multi-location enterprises, so needless to say the MRCs on many of the deployments that we’ve seen so far have been very, very sizable. So this can be a gamechanger for agents personally, and for their businesses.”

MetTel allows customers to future-proof their communications with one managed service that is intelligent, adaptable and agnostic. MetTel services harness the best that today’s carriers, solution providers and integrators have to offer, bringing them together into one “supernetwork,” with advanced services that increase business productivity, empower the workforce and improve operational efficiency – all with cost advantages that businesses can’t get elsewhere.

To qualify for the Pot of Gold, subagents can sell smartphone and basic phone packages, internet of things (IoT) deployments, fleet services, telehealth applications and data-only plans.

Payouts will be made on December 31, 2019 for services sold and activated before the end of the year; and March 31, 2020 for services sold this year but activated in the first three months of next year.

The incentive plan showcases one more way that P2 Business Solutions offers agents fresh and novel options for their portfolios while helping their businesses thrive. In addition to the plans themselves, MetTel offers enterprises attractive value-adds, like the ability to mix and match connectivity from the top three networks; and, all of an enterprise’s data can then be pooled and shared regardless of the networks being used. Businesses also get one invoice regardless of number of carriers or contracts; and MetTel’s Universal Deployment Enrollment Program Environment applies an organization’s business rules and policies to all of its mobile devices in a uniform way. For IoT, MetTel also offers a SIM card for devices that searches and connects to the best network, worldwide: A MetTel exclusive.

“MetTel services are unique and can set agents apart with their clients,” said Patchett. “Businesses are demanding wireless options, and it’s a huge growth area, especially IoT. And P2 is only master agency out there willing to give up so much of these lucrative commissions and return a hefty chunk of them to the agent community that sold the deals. I’m so excited to do this, and I hope others follow my lead.”