With a comprehensive network of prominent carriers and our highly innovative and advanced operations system, P2 Business Solutions actively attracts top-rated telecom agents.

Service Experts

P2 Business Solutions offers provider service training and guidance to all our valued clients. We connect our clients with over 500, state of the art voice, data, internet, mobile, and VoIP products and services, all of which are provided by global leading carriers including AT&T and Verizon.

Buying Power

P2 currently has over 10,000 contracts under management, which contribute to the value of our carrier partners. Contracts reward us with favorable purchasing agreements, a benefit shared with our agents, and one not accessible on their own. Being diligent and proactive, while working together benefits both P2 and our partners.

Turnkey Support

When you choose to partner with the expert team here at P2 Business Solutions, your benefits are many. From our premier contract management system and our edgy ideas and processes to our powerful commissions’ forecasts and our top-rated customer support, our team delivers it all. Our educators also host a variety of training sessions in our efforts to properly and timely invest in our valued partners.

Voice, Data, Internet, Mobile and VOIP Solutions From Top Carriers

In addition to our traditional, proven services, P2 Business Solutions is meeting the demands of the ever-changing telecommunications market of today by providing our clients with the innovative services their clients need in order to beat their competition. New technology, new applications, and new providers are being generated at record paces and P2 Business Solutions stands ready to meet your needs.

Bringing the Power of Enterprise-Level Purchasing to You and Your Clients

P2 Business Solutions, with over 75 years in the telecommunications industry, has established long-term relationships with many of the nation’s major carriers. We are diligent in our research, always looking to partner with reliable companies that provide the highest quality products and services and bring the greatest value to you and your clients.

Supporting You Through Streamlined Operations, Customer Service, and Training

The mission here at P2 Business Solutions is to craft our operations to allow our agent partners to minimize time spent on paperwork and maximize the time spent servicing their clients.

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