Steps to energize your business bottom line. Utility and Efficiency Costs Optimized.

Enhance Utility Savings

Utility costs are one of the biggest expenses incurred by businesses of all sizes. You can improve overall energy efficiency and reduce waste, while enhancing your customers’ and employees’ overall comfort and individual experiences by taking advantage of the services here at P2 Business Solutions.

Energy And Utility Solutions

Natural Gas and Electricity

Lock in a fixed rate contract for gas and electricity usage in deregulated markets.

Water (Valve and Leak Detection)

Save money at the meter when you stop leaks, optimize water flow and prevent damage.


Offset the overwhelming demand for electricity and create a backup source with an on-site battery storage with the use of solar.

LED Lighting

This updated lighting option not only contributes to increased efficiency but also to an enhanced customer and employee experience as well.

Utility Cost Recovery

An effective waste management program helps to reduce waste and lower your costs.

Sensor (IoT)

Enjoy secure access to critical infrastructure data needed to proactively address and ultimately control concerns virtually from any location.

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